Latest information about the development in the MEJOIN project

First of all, we would like to thank our MEJOIN consortium that in such difficult times a strong cohesion and a smooth project implementation is possible.

Our activities have been severely restricted due to coronavirus. Among other things, our trip to Tokyo was canceled, during which we would have been able to visit our corporate and project partners and present our progress and efforts at the AI Expo.

Nevertheless, we are working in the background at full speed to further expand our existing digital marketing channels and thus to strongly promote research marketing.

The market studies and our catalogs of measures, which are individually tailored to our companies, are also being processed. The gathering of information and the development of the first contents will not be delayed by the current situation, i.e. even if the project plan has to be redesigned, MEJOIN will be further developed and there will be no standstill.

This is the great commitment of all parties involved in the project but also around the project.
Therefore MEJOIN would also like to thank the colleagues of the BMBF, who keep us constantly informed and support us in the best possible way when planning the project.

Now also the next steps for the MEJOIN project shall be presented. We will continue the worldwide quarantine measures for as long as possible, avoid the presence appointments and communicate virtually with our partners. This includes meetings with potential cooperation partners and the presentation of our project.
In addition, we will strengthen our website, our Twitter channel and our LinkedIn group in order to get in touch with interested people and to refer them to our project.

Therefore: If you are interested to learn more about our project, we would be happy to hear from you!

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