How’s the AI doing?

This is a question that concerns many companies in the information technology sector. And in machine building. And in medical technology. Actually, in almost every industry where you come into contact with technology. Therefore, we would like to give a short overview of the trends of artificial intelligence in our opinion and how the whole topic should be evaluated.

First of all, we ask ourselves how accessible AI is and which developments will be significant in the future? To get a satisfying answer, we look at the reliable Hype Cycle from Gardner. In this model, the most promising technologies are presented in their current state of the technology life cycle and evaluated according to their maturity. The figure below shows the hype cycle for artificial intelligence technologies. You can see that almost all areas of a company are covered: Medical technology, robotics, data analytics, cloud services, customer support, and many more. To what extent the individual applications make sense decides each company by itself, but the possibilities are almost unlimited.

As a MEJOIN project, we advise companies on which applications need to be examined more closely and to what extent they add value. We also refer to such proven concepts as the Hype Cycle that are familiar to the companies and provide a comprehensive first impression. In addition, we also offer the participating companies individual consulting, which is oriented towards special fields of application and thus requires a deeper analysis of the technologies available on the market.


The Gardner Hype Cycle for AI represents new and mature technologies.


A second aspect that seems important is the implementation of your own company. What is the best way to achieve this? How high are the costs of introducing artificial intelligence? What are the risks? What opportunities are realized? And what about my competitors?
We will address these and other questions in our next articles, both on our site and the campaign site of „Future of Work“. You will undoubtedly notice some exciting aspects for you.

We will be pleased if you continue to follow our project attentively.


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