Reminder Digital MEJOIN Workshop @ 26.10.2020

A short reminder for our Workshop next Monday:

The MEJOIN project invites YOU:

Within the MEJOIN Workshop on 26.10 at 9:00 many project-related speakers will present various topics around AI and automation in the industry. This will give a comprehensive insight into the project activities and will provide the participants with the accumulated knowledge.

Among others, the following speakers will participate in the workshop:

Lecturer 1: Mr. Michael Hechtel
Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems, Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg

Lecture summary:
A holistic overview of the research project Mechatronic Joint Initiative of the campaign „The Future of Work“ is given. In addition, the previous results of market research from the project are presented. Among other things, the different types and potentials of different concepts of artificial intelligence will be discussed. These results serve the participating companies as a basis for an expansion into the partner country and an extension of the previous AI activities.


Lecturer 2:
Professor Dr. Keiichi Watanuki
Director, Advanced Institute of Innovative Technology, Saitama University

Lecture summary:
In this lecture, we discuss technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR), noninvasive biometric information measurement technology, Robotics, and Human-Machine Interface/Brain-Machine Interface (HMI/BMI) for a human-friendly system design for telemedicine and healthcare support. We also introduce the development of advanced healthcare products using these technologies. The IoT/AI/VR/HMI-based intelligent healthcare monitoring system provides technological support for experiencing various realities to enhance the improvement of QOL (Quality-of-Life).

Lecturer 3: Hajime Takatsuka
Lecture topic: „About JETRO Munich“

We would be happy to welcome YOU to our workshop and the respective discussions and would like to get in touch with you in the context of our project.

When: 26th October 2020 (09:00AM Munich, 17:00 PM Tokyo)
Topic: AI, VR, AR and Human-Machine Interface
– and more to be expected.

Registration: Required
Cost: Free of charge
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