Alexa and Siri on the Move

It’s hard to imagine the 21st century without voice assistants. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and offer enormous convenience and numerous support functions. However, the little helpers have a decisive disadvantage: they are static and no longer understand us if we are in another room or too far away. Samsung wants to tackle this problem and has presented a product for this purpose: A tennis ball.

Or rather, a high-performance computer in a tennis ball. The yellow round helper, Ballie, which is about a fist’s size, offers considerably more possibilities than a conventional ball. First unveiled at CES 2020, it has been delighting technology enthusiasts and smart home providers ever since. The voice control works very well in the first tests, and the responses are also helpful. In addition to voice control, however, Ballie can also use its integrated cameras. For example, these recognize visitors and determine whether they are allowed access to the apartment or not. Thanks to artificial intelligence, residents are recognized, and an alarm is only triggered for unauthorized persons. Furthermore, when an alarm is triggered, live video can be activated so that the resident can recognize the intruder.

But since the technology has more possibilities, Ballie was also given more great features along the way. It can integrate with an existing smart home system and then start the robot vacuum cleaner when the dirt is detected on the floor or lower the blinds for protection when windows are open. And if there is nothing exciting happening in the house, it can also, as its appearance suggests, play with the dog or the child. In all these activities, Samsung always pays attention to data protection and user privacy, as no data is sent to the cloud, as the company assures.

Ballie’s only vice is stairs. He cannot climb these and is therefore limited to a single floor. But here, he is a constant and faithful companion, doing everything for the safety and comfort of residents. Here you can find the official announcement from Samsung about its new rolling voice assistant.

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