The OS for AI

aiWare is an operating system for artificial intelligence. According to the manufacturer, it orchestrates a diverse ecosystem of ready-to-use ML models to transform audio, video, text, and other data sources into actionable intelligence without AI expertise. Improvements include up to a 20 percent reduction in infrastructure and cost, as well as improved scalability, reduced job input/output latency (near real-time), and multi-threaded processing control for multiple tasks, according to Veritone. There are also more options for job visibility and prioritization, making it easier to meet SLAs (service level agreements).

aiWare 3.0 also offers centralized management for apps running with aiWare: The new OS Notification Center provides OS- and application-level events in a single location and format for better visibility. The new aiWare release also offers enhancements to the Automate Studio low-code workflow and integration tool, including flow version control, production debugging, and easy flow access from any aiWare application to simplify flow development and deployment. In addition, the vendor promises increased AI model performance in Automate Studio and easy application integration with the ability to trigger Cognitive Flows from applications by pushing data via HTTP endpoint – whether in test or production. With the new GraphQL APIs, a developer gains more granular control over the lifecycle of flows, whether creating, configuring, running, or debugging. Below you can see the current build of the latest aiWare OS.


Picture from „The IABM“


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