2022 – What is artificial intelligence doing this year?

We have arrived in the year 2022. Flying cars and invulnerable people do not yet exist, as described in many sci-fi books. Nevertheless, we are well on the way to turning many fictions into reality. Here, AI is a crucial driver to go beyond human limits and achieve unimaginable goals in many areas such as data science, autonomous driving, and predictive models.
But what will 2022 mainly be about, and what AI developments can we expect this year? This article will highlight some key points and discuss the separate interest of these.

First, it becomes more and more critical for the AI to shed the bias. This often arises from the training data that already have a tendency. As a result, certain persons, objects, or processes are disadvantaged, whereby there is usually no logical reason why this happens. It simply happens because it has happened before, and the data suggest a disadvantage or a problem. One possible solution to this is explainable AI (XAI), which allows humans to understand why an AI has decided. This makes it possible to identify and revise unfair decisions.

It’s also becoming increasingly important for small and medium-sized businesses to use AI. There is often the problem of not having enough background knowledge in the company. Therefore, the number and quality of AutoML platforms will also increase. These aim to make it easier for inexperienced companies to get started with AI to support many decisions and supplement missing know-how.

Likewise, companies will find their way from the cloud to their own device-based AI solutions. The so-called edge solution usually runs on the corresponding end devices and thus enables use without server dependency and large data transfers, increasing speed and reliability enormously.

One unique application that has become increasingly important in recent years and is also high on the list of technologies in high demand in 2022 is the chatbot. As a solution for customer support, sales, and marketing, digital employees support many jobs. However, since experience shows that chatbots have achieved mediocre results with the customer, AI is also essential here. Human-like expertise is a big goal here for 2022.

If there are interesting trends for you or your company and any questions, we would be happy to hear from you!

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