Collaborating Institutions

The Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS) is the recognized teaching and research institute for automation technology and mechatronic systems, which develops innovative solutions for manufacturing companies through interdisciplinary development and holistic optimization. With more than 100 employees from more than 10 countries, FAPS has outstanding expertise in mechatronics, automation and AI and sufficient capacity to support such a challenging international project. Through the integration into international networks such as the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) or the International Academy of Production Scientists (CIRP), there is already an intensive exchange with Japanese companies and research institutions.
The Cluster Mechatronics and Automation has a rich and successful history of cooperation with Japan. Through the Regional Industry Tie-up (RIT program), the CMA has already organized several delegation trips, joint trade fair appearances and B2B matchmaking with over 300 company meetings in Japan and Bavaria. The cooperation of the partners from Saitama and Bavaria enabled the establishment of several branches in Bavaria and Japan. The CMA is distinguished by its excellent knowledge of Japanese customs and business practices and is, therefore, a valuable partner for the MEJOIN project. The CMA is currently funded by the BMBF in the project „InterSpin – Internationalisation of Leading-Edge Clusters“ and sees its participation in the „Future of Work“ program as a consistent continuation of its internationalization strategy.
Prof. Dr. Watanuki from Saitama University, an experienced partner in the technological innovation development of mechatronic systems (especially intelligent robotic systems), brain-machine interface technologies, vehicle interface design, and medical technology, can be integrated into the network of the project. Due to his excellent contacts in the Japanese industry, valuable industrial interested parties will be involved in the project.
The Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation (SFBC) is the business development agency of Saitama Prefecture and supports small and medium-sized enterprises in innovation, management and globalization issues. It is in close contact with the University of Saitama. Also, the SFBC was the sponsor of the RIT program. The RIT project with the CMA has achieved showcase status in Japan, based on which further downstream activities could be implemented and which was supported by METI (Ministry of Economic, Trade, and Industry) in Japan as one of five „Smart Manufacturing Support Teams“.