Sokenmedical Co., Ltd.

Head office

1-36-20 Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0033, Japan

Products and Services

  • An electric magnetic treatment device
  • The results of 40 years! Long-established store of the interchange magnetism treatment device sale of relief and the trust
  • Soken (Ver. 220): A long-selling magnetic shower by the trusted brand
  • Soken Relax (Ver. 220V: Top athletes also pay attention. The portable type that is convenient to carry


About 1972 Developer Kozo Ishiwatari starts the development of the interchange magnetism treatment container because of the restoration of health of the family

1982 Established SOKENHANBAI Co., Ltd.

1995 Beginning to sell off the interchange magnetism treatment device „Soken“

2000 Beginning to sell off the interchange magnetism treatment device „Soken Relax“

2001 SOKENHANBAI Co., Ltd. Company name changed to Sokenmedical Co., Ltd. moved to Takada, Toshima-ku

2019 Registered Sokenmedical research institute formally in Saitama University

Company policy

  • I will sell it only to those who understand really good products.
  • Only recruit people who understand the goodness of the product.
  • Change the world with magnetic therapy.

The reason for participating in the project

To use our therapeutic devices in soccer and healthcare in Germany, we are collaborating with a team from FAU that has developed a soccer training tool. We want to use the IoT and AI technologies together with this team to follow up on our treatment equipment and develop soccer training tools.