Our Vision



MEJOIN represents the diversity of cultures, companies, and products in different industries. We need to compare, analyze and finally bring these differences together to generate synergy effects. We want to support the German and Japanese companies, which are intensively involved in the Mechatronics Joint Initiative, in the best possible way and be a decisive project partner for their goals.


As four influential institutions in Germany and Japan, „we“ are highly interconnected in both research and industry, and are using these opportunities and chances ideally for our project. Together with the research institutes of the Friedrich-Alexander University, represented by the Chair of Factory Automation and Production Systems, and the Saitama University and the two industry-related institutions of the Mechatronics and Automation Cluster and the Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation, the management of the MEJOIN project is broad and very interdisciplinary, enabling us to meet our high standards.


During the MEJOIN project, the requirements for the use of artificial intelligence in the participating companies will be worked out and compared with the existing possibilities. We would like to generate an individual market study for every company, which checks the possibilities that come along with AI in more detail and offers insights into which investments are considered reasonable. In addition to examining the technological component, it is also important for us to consider the country-specific framework conditions.


Due to the complexity of a company’s expansion and the use of artificial intelligence in production or medicine, constant support and certain proximity to the companies is of enormous importance to us. We, therefore, want to pass on our expertise and knowledge and are in regular contact with all parties involved. Besides, we support all companies with the central marketing measures of our institutes and our umbrella campaign „The Future of Work“ to promote advertising in both countries.