HIT Co., Ltd.

Head office

Wellnesscube Ohmiya, 4F 1-853-8 Miyaharacho, Kita-ku, Saitama City, Saitama, Japan 331-0812


Products and Services

  • Comprehensive software for medical check-up affairs
  • Specific functions of this software are, managing patient’s data and record, scheduling, inputting examination results, importing the data from the laboratory equipment or devices, printing checkup result report
  • Planning, design, development, and sales of software and hardware for computers and computer peripherals.
  • Import, export, and sales of computer software and computer peripherals.
  • Planning, design, and development of computer networks.
  • Maintenance of computer systems, operating services
  • Consulting and information service related to medical treatment, welfare, health, environment,



  1. 1998 Founded in Yono City, Saitama Prefecture
  2. 2008 Opening of the Kyushu branch
  3. 2009 Opening of the Kansai branch


Company policy

A company that aims to create high-level systems for the sake of human welfare

Based on the philosophy of life dignity, aiming for harmony between humans, society and the environment, we strive to be a company that makes a valuable contribution to the realization of human well-being.

We wish to increase the satisfaction of our employees through the further development of our company.


The reason for participating in the project

Using AI analysis of medical data, we provide the service of predicting and finding the possibilities of future diseases to each patient.

Analyzing the checkup database, we hope to find a way of getting health for all human beings.