Kodensha – Intelligent automation company

Head office

3-189 Fukai, Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan 364-0001

Products and Services

  • Factory automation manufacture and robotics system integrator
  • Fully customized assembling and Inspection machine for
    • Automobile parts, electric devices, medical parts, general precision parts.
    • preprocessing the specimen for medical laboratory


1917 Founded as the motor manufacture and continuing customer’s factory-based services and products


  • 110 employees
  • Over 30 design engineers (mechanical design, programming)


  • 3D mechanical design,
  • Robotics integration using vision and force sensors
  • Precise and fragile parts assembling process
  • Database, network, IoT

Company policy

Contribute to improving the efficiency of customer’s total production process

The reason for participating in the project

Currently, the customer requirement has been expanding the total improvement of the manufacturing process, so that only providing the machine is not enough but to grasp the efficiency of the production line, with data-analysis.

By collaborating with German industrial software companies, providing total service to Japanese customers is the key motivation of participation.

The expectation of the project

Involving the Japanese SMEs and listed companies, utilize technologies of both-countries technologies to create a new business model in our domestic market.