YS Industries Co., Ltd.

Head office

3-1-12 Ueno, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama City, Saitama, Japan 339-0073 (within the industrial park Iwatsuki)

Products and Services

Precision Metal Processing, supplying parts to a wide range of fields such as automobiles, optical equipment, semiconductor devices, water supply, air conditioning, and amusement.

Strong points

  • Artisan of fine processing
  • Strict production control system, quality control system
  • Outstanding proposal ability
  • Quick delivery


1967: First president Yuzuru Shibuya personal business YS Giken establishment

1968: Transfer to Hasuda for business expansion. Corporation (with) YS Industries founded

2012: Keiichi Shibuya was appointed Representative Director, organizational change in (stock) YS Industries

2012: Management innovation plan approved by the (production management, automatic parts washers)

2016: Our factory was designated the local excellent factory as “Country of Aya”

2016:“CSR  challenge company” approved.

Company policy

We will deepen and pass on manufacturing technology and knowledge to create happiness for employees, business partners and local communities.

The reason of participating the project, Expectation of the project

Through German leading institutions, we hope to know and touch the new topics of Iot and AI technologies required at manufacturing sites in the near future and develop new manufacturing system.