AI in the Industry – Problem Solver in Transport and Logistics

Today we present another application of artificial intelligence in industry. The companies‘ logistics is the heart of business because customers, resources, and the locations cannot produce without transport, and even intralogistics is an important part of internal production. Such important parts of the value chain must be supported by all means, and AI is a good opportunity.
More than 50% of the trucks on German roads drive empty or with little freight to the customers. This is enormously inefficient, harmful to the environment, and causes delays that are apparent in the production chain over the long term.

An AI route planner can react quickly to short-term changes such as cancellations or quick deliveries. This calculates routes in real-time and permanently considers the traffic situation, loads, and cancellations and optimizes the route concerning the shortest distances and fastest delivery. After the first routes have been carried out and based on the data stored in the ERP system, the AI plans a few days to bring even more efficiency to the logistics and generate faster routes with improved trucks‘ loading. It is even possible to predict future order quantities at certain points in time-based appropriate data volumes and thus calculate capacity utilization and routes, thus ensuring problem-free and punctual transport processing. Thus, customers can be given direct feedback on when the delivery will arrive and when the products should be shipped to arrive on time.
Therefore, this AI route planner has the following advantages for the company: Customer service can be improved by ensuring that deliveries arrive on time and that reliable promises can be made at specific delivery times. The company’s sustainability is increased, as vehicles are better utilized, and empty runs are no longer made. On the one hand, employees are relieved because the logistics department does not have to carry out costly rescheduling. On the other hand, the drivers have to work less overtime because delivery times can no longer be met.

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